Formally marketing the fund to a broad audience for the first time since inception.

Firm Overview

A money management firm launched in 2014 as a family office with a small number of LPs. C7 has been managing assets for 9 years.

The c7 Long-Short Hedge Fund invests in large capitalization public equities spanning technology, healthcare, financial services, aerospace, and other verticals. The Fund’s goal is to outperform the S&P 500 with superior stock selection integrated with macro analysis. The Fund has returned 278% gross since inception.

One of the Fund’s fundamental competitive advantages is management’s nearly four decades of experience as a securities analyst, investment banker, and as global head of healthcare research at UBS.

Investment Philosophy

  • Leverage the equity market’s long-term positive returns with long bias
  • Pursue growth at a reasonable price (GARP)
  • Take positions when fundamental outlook differs materially from the consensus view
  • Focus on individual stock selection to outperform the market
  • Manage risk through diversification
  • Maximize after-tax returns with long holding periods, minimize short-term gains